Nashville Software School Part Time Data Analytics Cohort 2

Our community and industry partners

We are all super grateful for being able to work with the data you provided, to have the opportunity to present our findings for your review, for taking the time to interview us, helping us gain insight into your industries, and helping us understand new technologies. Your time is extremely valuable and we cannot express how much we appreciate you sharing it with us.

Thank you to:

  • Mikil Taylor
  • Chris Morgan
  • Jeff Jarvis
  • Andrew Mitchell
  • Jason Turan
  • John Irvin
  • Skipper Seabold
  • Lindsey Clark
  • Branden Dahlem
  • Brandon Scott
  • Willis Kelly
  • Matthias Mueller
  • Rachel Mitchell
  • Heather Ring
  • Justin Levenson
  • Pete Brumm
  • Josh Smith
  • Jeff Butler
  • Nadia Roumanos
  • Rachel Abram
  • Daniel Dreaden
  • Chris Morgan
  • John Kemp
  • Chris Morgan
  • Terry Murphy
  • Ray Pasek
  • Maddie Polk
  • Justin Rothbart
  • David Simon
  • Stephanie Spellman
  • Mary Metsker
  • Stephen Oppeman
  • Jason West
  • Amit Misra
  • Allyssa Lackey
  • Naga Kuchipudi
  • Davis Thrailkill
  • Alex Trambley
  • Kristy McGee
  • Sekou Tyler
  • Eric Stvens
  • Joe Porter
  • Justin Ward
  • Jason King
  • Shruti Sharma
  • Joshua Bandstra
  • Erika Tennant
  • Angela Manfredo-Thomas
  • Sumanjit Paul
  • Mark Lefebvre
  • Matthew Hoty
  • Megan McMurtry
  • Matt Lewis
  • Harmon Gage

The faculty and staff of Nashville Software School

Our greatest resource as we progressed through the boot camp was the staff at NSS. We were provided a host of opportunities for career development and networking, and tools and advice to maximize our professional potential. We are all appreciative for the communication of the move to remote classrooms in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak mid-semester. The support and structure provided by the NSS staff helped create a center for excellence.

Thank you to:

  • Kristin McKinney
  • Mary van Valkenburg
  • John Wark
  • Jeremiah Vasquez
  • Mandy Arola
  • Ashley Canino
  • Mahesh Rao
  • Michael Holloway

Our Instructors

To say “thank you for teaching us” would be the understatement of the year. Your experience and guidance while we worked through our projects was invaluable as we learned to tackle the problems ourselves and apply innovative solutions to complex problems. When going to you for help, we knew we would find patience, empathy, and a touch of humor to get us back on the right track. You took up the challenge of working in a remote classroom and set the example on remaining flexible and focusing on what’s important in difficult times.

Thank you to:

  • Taylor Perkins
  • UrLeaka Newsome
  • Matt Bach

What a journey, from day to day, on campus and remote, you were right there with us cheering us on and offering encouragement; we couldn't have done it without you!